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May 2021 Recommendations



Invincible by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley

Some superhero comics can seem intimidating with the sheer enormity of their almost century long runs. But “Invincible” is not one of them. Invincible manages to give you all the great ups and downs of traditional superhero comics in a single, complete run. Follow Mark from the start of his heroics through all of the joys and hardships that come with it. From realizing his dad is not the hero, to having to save the Earth multiple times, and even a costume change. But not everything can be solved by being the strongest guy and Mark will have to learn that lesson the hard way. Invincible will keep you glued to the page with amazing art work that conveys some of the most emotion in the medium along with the best action. If you’ve wanted to read superheroes I couldn’t recommend a better book.

– Brandon

All twenty-five volumes of Invincible are available digitally on Hoopla.



East of West by Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta, Frank Martin, and Rus Wooton

Set in a futuristic Old West, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Conquest, War, Famine, and Death – roam the Earth, signaling the End Times for humanity.

– Bonnie

Volumes One through Five of  East of West are available in print at the Farmville Library.  The entire series is available digitally on Hoopla.



Midsommar (DVD)

After suffering the tragic loss of her family at the hands of her bipolar sister, Dani travels to Sweden, alongside her boyfriend, to attend a friend’s hometown midsummer festival.  The visit grows increasingly terrifying – violent traditions, strange occurrences, and the mysterious disappearance of multiple members of Dani’s friend group.  All of these factors, alongside her grief and crumbling romantic relationship, ultimately drive Dani to the point of indoctrination into a pagan cult.

– Chelsea

Midsommar is available at the Farmville Library.



 Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng is an intimate look at a family in mourning. It’s best to read while wrapped in a blanket and with your go-to comfort tea or coffee at the ready.

– Max

Everything I Never Told You is available in print at the Farmville Library, as well as digitally on Libby.



Primer by Jennifer Muro, Thomas Krajewski, and Gretel Lusky

After her dad’s criminal past catches up to him, thirteen-year-old Ashley is stuck in the D.C. foster system and keeps hearing that she must have gotten “her bad streak” from her dad. The Nolans are a foster family that she finally gets along with, but a wrench gets thrown in their new life together that accidentally causes Ashley to channel her creative side into becoming a superhero. Her first big mission: rescue her foster parents from ruthless soldier Cal Strack, who wants to take her powers back no matter the cost. Primer is a quick read with plenty of colorful flair, but don’t be fooled: this graphic novel tells a dramatic, uplifting, and endearing coming of age story about a girl figuring out what family means to her and forging her own identity.

– Megan

Primer is available digitally on Hoopla.



The Bees by Laline Paull

The Bees is a thrilling novel, documenting the life of a sanitation bee, named Flora 717.  Flora is described as “obscenely ugly” and “excessively large” and is marked for execution based upon her perceived deformities until a priestess bee, known as Sister Sage, spares her life.  The Hive is facing difficult times and Flora’s curiosity and large size could now be useful.  Flora’s life is full of adventure, suspense, and hidden secrets that one would not expect to find when reading a book written from the viewpoint of a bee. Highly recommend this book for anyone who is looking for something different and captivating.

– Morgan

The Bees is available in print at the Farmville Library, as well as digitally on Hoopla.



Vanishing Act by Thomas Perry

The first book in the Jane Whitefield series takes you into the world of a Native American woman whose life’s passion is helping the desperate escape their pursuers and start new lives. Jane takes on the powerful knowing she must succeed, or she and her client will suffer the consequences. You want her to succeed, and if in trouble, you want her on your side.

– Virginia

Vanishing Act is available in print at the Farmville Library, as well as digitally on Libby and Hoopla.



 Absolute Power by David Baldacci

From behind a one-way mirror, Luther Whitney witnesses a killing involving two Secret Service agents and Alan Richmond, the President of the United States.  After securing a piece of key evidence placing the President at the scene and escaping from the area, Luther becomes the focus of an off-the-books manhunt orchestrated by the White House Chief of Staff and carried out by the same two Secret Service agents.  Also drawn in to the situation are Jack Graham, a high-powered corporate attorney, and Luther’s daughter, Kate, who also happens to be Jack’s ex-fiancé.  Throughout the compelling narrative, David Baldacci explores the extreme lengths to which those who have gained absolute power will go to retain that power, as well as Jack’s internal conflict over selling himself out for financial success, Kate’s love-hate relationship with her father, and a relentless investigation conducted by a career cop.

– William

Absolute Power is available in print at the Farmville Library, as well as digitally on Libby

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