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Need help with a BINGO category? Use a link below to see what is available at  the Buckingham Library or Farmville Library. This will link you to our online catalog. You can then reserve the book or save it for later using your library card.

The Rules:

  • Only participants ages 13-18 are eligible for prizes.
  • You must finish reading each title during the challenge time – don’t list a book you’ve read in the past.
  • Books for this challenge may come from this library, your school’s library, or any other source.
  • When you finish a book, fill in the title and dates in each square that applies to the book.
  • Each BINGO you complete = one prize entry for you!
  • You may complete as many BINGOs on one card as you would like – just remember to keep track of your card. After you finish BINGO(s), fold this sheet in half and put it in the box at the service desk. If you want to earn more chances to win, pick up another card to finish more BINGOs.
  • Fill out your information on the bottom of the page so that we can call you if you win a prize.

Helpful Hints:

  • Double-dipping for book titles is allowed! For example, Twilight would count as a “Book with a Female Protagonist” and “A Book Set in the U.S.” You may only count a book for up to two categories.
  • Some of the squares involve interacting with your library – don’t be afraid to talk to the staff!
  • Only standard, 5-square BINGOs will earn you an entry. This includes horizontal, vertical, and diagonal.

Dates of Event: September 1 – November 22, 2017


Book that became a movie Graphic Novel Mystery/Crime book Book set in another world Dystopian Book
Book from the Children’s area* Book with a female protagonist Book that won an award Book featuring sports Book by a Virginia Author
Book of Poetry Book written before you were born† Reader’s Choice/ Free Square! Find the staff member listed on your card and talk about your favorite book Book with a male protagonist
Read a friend’s recommendation Fantasy / Sci-Fi Book Historical Fiction Book with man vs. Nature Conflict Read outside
First book in a series Non-fiction Book‡ A Biography§ Book set in the U.S. Find Ms. Megan and chat with her about books



Graphic Novels – Both libraries have graphic novels in the Juvenile (J) and the Young Adult (YA) Sections. Ask at the desk and we can walk you over there! You can also search the catalog for graphic novels.

* Books from the children’s area will have a call number beginning with J or E.

† Check the copyright date on the copyright page at the beginning of a book. This page will list the publisher information, including the date and location it was published. Use the oldest year listed to determine when it was first published.

‡ Nonfiction books, whether they’re in the adult, YA, or children’s section, will have numbers on their call number – these are organized by the Dewey Decimal system.

§ All biographies, whether they’re in the adult, YA, or children’s section, will have a call number beginning with B. For example, a book about Maya Angelou will have a call number of B ANGELOU.




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